2nd BioProScale Symposium "Inhomogeneities in large-scale bioprocesses: System biology and process dynamics"


Three-day symposium about development and application of bioprocesses in industrial scale – 14 to 16 March 2012, Berlin

Consistent bioprocess development needs to be performed at the perspective of the final process scale. Therefore a better understanding of the final industrial scale is an important issue, which includes technical challenges (sensors, modeling tools) and the cellular dynamic regulatory networks and population dynamics.

The symposium aims to discuss progress and challenges in the different scientific disciplines to summarize the current state of knowledge in relation to our understanding of processes in large scale bioreactors in different bioproduct related applications from food over white biotechnology and biobased energy/biorefinery processes up to the area of biopharmaceutical production.

Focus: Biosystems

Focus: Bioreactor environment

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Language: Englisch

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